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Lead by a TRX Certified Trainer, this upbeat and challenging bootcamp will have you seeing results at lightning speeds! We help you “Make your body your machine” – TRX.

TRX Bootcamps involve bodyweight workouts through TRX Suspension Training straps. We love it, and love what it does for our clients!  We offer indoor and outdoor TRX Bootcamps, were the straps are fixed to ceiling mounts (indoors), or hung from tree branches or goal posts (outdoors). iFlexFitness’s carefully designed TRX programs will enable you to lose fat, build muscle, and improve overall body tone through self regulated pulling, pushing, and timed cardio burst movements. With cross training intervals and an “exert at your own pace” atmosphere, this style of training is great for anyone, of any level who needs motivation and wants to improve their fitness. Whichever your goal – weight loss, cardio, strength and/or flexibility, EXPECT RESULTS!  

TRX H.I.I.T Bootcamp– Half hour at full power!

For more information about the TRX suspension trainer click on our Media Tab (above) and watch our Terra @ Home interview from earlier this year.  Also be sure to check out the official TRX website for more cool information

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