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heidi before afterOne year ago, I decided to make a change. Thank you Tara Atkinson (personal trainer) for all of your support and guidance that made this change possible. We all have the ability to change our situation to make a better life for ourselves. Taking action will get us there. Surround yourself with positive influences that want to see you thrive in your life – Heidi D

“I am always looking for activities to do with my dog, especially something that benefits us both. I was happy to discover ThankDog! Bootcamp run by trainer (human and dog) Tara Atkinson. Working out on your own can be tough, but having your dog by your side makes it much more fun. In the last 2 years, Tara has helped me get stronger and remind me how much I enjoy being active. Tara’s positive, patient and encouraging attitude along with challenging exercise gave me the confidence to run in the 2013 Warrior Dash. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I can’t wait until next year. Beyond the obvious physical benefits, dog included, I have seen Quincy learn and become a much happier dog. She uses her new found obedience and social skills alongside the pack for a mental workout on par with the physical. Tara is often thanked by wet kisses, from the dog, and a high-five from me at the end of each session. We look forward to our next class. Thanks Tara!”
– Heidi F

“Tara welcomed us with open arms, with a positive and contagious energy from start to finish of the 8 classes we were signed up for. While it’s hard to drag myself out of the house to attend, the look on my dog’s face when he see’s our gym bag and knows it’s “go” time is irresistible. We also feel a great sense of accomplishment once we have completed our session, especially on the cool summer evenings. For a dog that has a low self esteem and is very shy, it was helpful to get out and socialize with an intimate group of people. Thank Dog Bootcamp was better than any obedience training we attended, and got me pretty active too!”
– Johanne

“As a runner, I have often had difficulty finding cross training activities that I enjoy as much as running. Tara’s TRX classes, however, are amazing! She’s very motivating, the classes are always an excellent workout, it’s fun, and the increased core strength from doing TRX has definitely helped me improve my running and achieve new personal bests. And I’m pretty happy about the reappearance of my abs after 2 kids, too! I definitely recommend Tara’s TRX classes, you won’t be disappointed.”
– Emma