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Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships that rarely get used. . . get focused & fit with a new breed of one-stop training!

At iFlexFitness, we strive to compliment your life by offering unique training that peaks your interests and meets your needs through Personal or Group Fitness. Flat rates enable interchangeable classes,  allowing you to attend any of our bootcamp options.

Thank Dog! Bootcamp:  offers cardio, resistance, & obedience training – all done in a 1 hour class! BOTH you and your pooch will get the exercise you need, while you’ll have a calmer, obedient, happier pal too…Thank Dog!  *If your dog is overweight, chances are that YOU are not getting enough exercise!  

TRX Bootcamp: Shed, sculpt, and tone. Get the best workout of your life by using your own body weight and a set of TRX Suspension Training straps. These classes are packed with the all the cardio and strength training you’ll need to lose fat and build muscle. Make Your Body Your Machine.  

Personal Training: Get focused attention, target results. Individual, couples, group or athletic teams. Mobile Personal Training allows you to train in your home or at one of our training facilities. Custom workouts, nutritional guidance, progress tracking and support.

ZUMBA Fitness: Dance yourself into shape! Latin and world music, easy to follow choreography, our Zumba class will have you feeling great while you rumba & sweat away those unwanted inches! Also be sure to check out Emma Youngman Zumba Fitness website for more cool information

Flex Your Options Try a complimentary session and find what works for you.